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Guatemala Volunteer Mission In the summer 2011, I embarked on a volunteer mission trip to Guatemala. I consulted with local communities of Santiago Atitlan, El Sitio, Patzun, and Panabaj to determine St. Rita’s support for sustainable living and improved quality of life. Every year St. Rita’s Parish sends two cargo containers filled with shoes, vitamins, medicine and school supplies to help alleviate poverty in the mountainous region of central Guatemala.

Our trip was recently featured in the Catholic SF, “The men work for $2 a day for the whole family. Some families live on the ground. They might have a couple pieces of sheet metal over them. They cook on the ground. They sleep on the ground. If they want to send a child to school to buy one spiral notebook, it costs them approximately $1.50 – and there goes the $2 wages. The Guatemala volunteer mission started in 2001 and is looking to expand and continue to increase efforts and volunteers. Please let me know if you have any advice on how to raise awareness so we can increase donations! Thanks #SpartansWill #GoGreen

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