Taylor’s Best of Marin: Top 10 Must Eat Meals Before You Die!


Just minutes from San Francisco, over the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin attracts hikers and mountain bikers to the trails of 2,571 foot Mt. Tamalpais, strollers and beach comers to its wild western beaches and backpackers and day trippers to the magnificent parklands of the Point Reyes National Seashore. In the old days, the Coast Miwok of Marin relied on the bay, as evidenced by the huge mounds of oyster and clam shells.

Today, we will explore Marin’s modern culinary arts. Taylor has spent the past 22 years exploring the region and tasting the diverse local food. He hopes you enjoy his favorite meals!

10) Java Hub CafeSan Anselmo, CA

Pesto Sandwich

9) Fairfix “Mediterranean”- Fairfax, CA

Grilled Chicken Sandwich on Focaccia bread- (Accepts cash only)

8) Poggio “Italian Restaurant”- Sausalito, CA

Appetizer: Soft Shell Crab (Seasonal)

7) Comforts CafeSan Anselmo, CA

Chinese Chicken Salad

Best Salad in Marin






6) Picante “Authentic Mexican Cuisine”- San Rafael, CA

Best Chips and Guacamole in worldLocated in the “Canal” of San Rafael you will find the best chips and guacamole in the world! I have traveled extensively throughout Central America including Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica and nothing comes close to the Guacamole at Picante’s!

Oysters5) Sam’s Anchor CafeTiburon, CA

Appetizer: Drakes Bay Oysters

Drakes BayPoint Reyes, CA

Oysters, Drakes Bay






4) Il DavideSan Rafael, CA

Swordfish (Seasonal)

3) Sol Food Puerto Rican Cuisine- San Rafael, CA

Occupying an imposing lime green building in downtown San Rafael, Sol Food is a bright, plant-filled space with communal tables and Puerto Rican classics.
Puerto Rican FoodSol Food





BISTEC steak sandwich and garlic plantains

*Warning- Expect long lines out the door! Friday & Saturday open til’ 2am.

2) Whale of a DeliPoint Reyes Station, CA

Looking for the best burrito in the world?

Whale of a Deli’s “Wild Salmon Burrito”

Best bar: Gestault Haus “Beer and a Brat Biker Bar”- Fairfax, CA

Best Bar in MarinFor something more casual, head to the cycle-centric beer and sausage spot, the Gestalt Haus Fairfax which has board games, a CD jukebox, cyclocross posters on the walls and 20 or so tap beers ($5 to $7). Then sample one of the several lively spots in downtown Fairfax, a 7,500-person town that claims to have had live music every night for more than 30 years.

Beer of the Year: Lagunitas Brewing CompanyPetaluma

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ IPA
Lagunitas Little Sumpin'





Best wine bar: 123 BolinasFairfax, CA

“Recently ranked top 10 bar in the entire San Francisco Bay Area”

For an after-dinner drink, head over to 123 Bolinas, a new wine bar across from Bolinas Park that serves small plates, local beer and regional wines. The bar top is carved from a 100-year-old fallen oak, the furniture is built of reclaimed barn siding, and there’s a U.F.O.-shaped fireplace.

Demographic studies have shown that wine drinkers in the US are better educated and earn more than non-wine drinkers! #HB409


1) Restaurant of the Year: Sir and StarOlema, CA | http://sirandstar.com/index.html

King Salmon plucked from surrounding seas (Seasonal)
Propped Atop a Throne of Local Escarole
Defended by a Lemon Butter Sauce

Best Restaurant in Marin




Thanks for reading my post- Any advice is welcome! If you agree or disagree with any of the restaurants listed above feel free to comment. I am curious to hear what you think. Also please let me know what your favorite meal is in Marin by posting in the comments box. I am always looking for a new local spot to eat! #PuraVida

Taylor Beggs


New York Times 36 Hours in Marin




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4 thoughts on “Taylor’s Best of Marin: Top 10 Must Eat Meals Before You Die!

  1. Great list!

    I am going to have to disagree with you on one of your choices. I have tried the Chinese Chicken Salad from Comforts Cafe on three separate occasions, as it comes highly recommended. Each time I have found it to be rather bland. Perhaps I have just caught them on off days, but I’ve had much better Chinese Chicken Salads from other spots around Marin.

    My favorite dish would have to be the Camarones Criollos from Sol Food. With garlic plantains and a side salad; delicious!

    Happy eating!

    • Hi Malachy,

      Thank you for sharing. I am sorry the Chinese Chicken Salad at Comforts did not live up to your expectations. What other spots in Marin would you recommend?

      I will definitely try the Camarones Criollos from Sol Food next time I visit. I’ll let you know if it makes my next Top 10 foods of Marin!

  2. Sushi Ran and Rustic Bakery are my two very favorite restaurants in Marin! FYI, Sol Food now has a restaurant in Mill Valley as well.

    • Hi Annie,

      Thank you for sharing! I love sushi :) When I was in college I worked for a seafood restaurant where I cooked and prepared 300 sushi rolls per day. However, sadly I will admit I have never been to Sushi Ran. What’s your favorite roll?

      Also, do you have a favorite ‘go to’ dish at the Rustic Bakery? I will make sure to try it out and add to the list if it lives up to the hype!

      *On a side note- I will not be surprised if Sol Food opens a restaurant in San Francisco and at other locations throughout the state of California soon. I visited the Sol Food in Mill Valley last weekend and the line was outrageous! But of course well worth the wait :)

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