Getting involved with the Pure Michigan campaign as an out-of-state

Guest Blog from Go Takei

Last spring, I had a great internship experience with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation in Lansing, MI. The MEDC has two divisions that are the Travel Michigan and the Michigan Film Office. I got to work for both campaigns and assist them in marketing the state of Michigan as a travel and tourism destination.

From my research experience with the Travel Michigan, I learned that there are so many beautiful places in Michigan that are still unknown. People from Michigan tend to go somewhere out of state for vacations, but I have realized that many of them don’t even know those outstandingly beautiful places exist. Not only they tend to go somewhere else for vacations, but also many of them want to move to a different state after college.

As a student from out of state, I am still learning about all aspects of Michigan from its history to its future growth. I was really honored to be able to learn about what “Pure Michigan” really means, what it “should” mean to Michiganders, as well as what Michigan’s future is looking like.

If you would like to learn more about great places to visit in Michigan, please visit the Pure Michigan official website at